Vibrational therapy and its relevance to Bodybuilding

“Pull ups make you taller” , “eating at night makes you fat”. Admit it, you've heard of similar broscience facts before and might even have solemnly abided by them at one point in your life. Among the noise of broscience facts have emerged a scientific discovery that is Vibrational Therapy back in 2014 . We will not expand on that discovery as of yet(I promise I will later), instead we will discuss why this discovery is important to us bodybuilders. 

To begin with, have you ever skipped a workout because you were too “sore” to workout? If you have, it's most probably due to overtraining or worse you stopped working out for a while and you came in too hard for the comeback. This soreness is commonly known as delayed onset muscle soreness and is quite prevalent among bodybuilders. DOMS can range from a sweet achy pain to I swear I cannot move my head to the side kind of pain.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is due to the formation of muscle knots also known as myofascial trigger points or adhesions. These adhesions tighten up and contract even when your muscles are at rest resulting in overworked muscles. As you know, bodybuilding is the art of breaking down your muscles and building it up with good recovery and nutrition. When these stubborn microtrauma don't heal properly it creates collagen to the damaged tissue which sticks together and forms an adhesion. These adhesions can cause pain in other parts of the body when touched. It may feel swollen, tense, or bumpy.

The dangers of adhesions can result in more serious issues such as muscle tear, a fracture, early arthritis symptoms, or chronic tendonitis If these muscle knots/adhesions are not treated properly. It can also develop structural imbalances by lifting in a way to avoid pain caused by the adhesion.

Is humanity doomed? Not yet, at least not because of DOMS. There is a way to treat muscle adhesions and avoid getting DOMS. The solution is by understanding the problem. When a muscle is tight like that, it can limit blood flow in that area. The way to ease the tightness is by providing pressure into those knots to increase blood flow to revive the muscles in that area. Traditionally, you would need chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists or even physicians to remove the muscle knots by applying pressure on the muscle knot until it softens and releases. It can be a quite painful activity(YouTube Jay Cutler massage therapy), you can hear Jay Cutler's muscle adhesions pop as his therapist elbows his back muscles. Did I tell you the hundreds of dollars cost per session for massage therapy?

Vibrational therapy can help you in combating muscle knots and trigger points. Vibrational therapy is the application of vibration to a particular muscle area in a mechanical oscillatory motion. Vibrational therapy enhances neuromuscular performance in bodybuilders.

Vibrational therapy massages your muscles deeper than any therapist can. Vibrational therapy also known as percussive therapy and is used in deep tissue massages. This is where our handset comes to shine. Our handset is designed to use vibrational therapy to work those pesky muscle knots/adhesions that linger after a workout. In fact, it's the best active release technique in the market. Our handset will break up muscle scar tissue and help promote blood flow for faster healing of injuries. As you know, having DOMS increases the risk of an injury. Our handset can be used to treat muscles, ligaments and tendons. It can also be used to prevent DOMS by warming for 30 minutes before working out. To understand our handset better, read more on our product page.