is HeyRecoveryCo legit?

Is HeyRecoveryCo Legit?

HeyRecoveryCo is a new and innovative online bodybuilding recovery brand located in Sheridan, Wyoming. Since our inception in 2020, we have served thousands of happy and satisfied customers who left happy reviews on our website. Although our main office is currently in Wyoming, we are soon expanding to different states. HeyRecoveryCo is a registered and accredited LLC company endorsed by the Wyoming Secretary of State. 

Given that  HeyRecoveryCo is a fast growing company, people often wonder:

  • Is HeyRecoveryCo  legit?
  • Is HeyRecoveryCo  handset effective for treating muscle pain at home?
  • Is  HeyRecoveryCo  handset cost effective for treating muscular pain?
  • Does HeyRecoveryCo handset hurt to use?

Is HeyRecoveryCo legit?

HeyRecoveryCo primarily operates online for the purpose of inclusivity and access to a global market, we serve customers worldwide. Although we sell our handsets mainly online, our registered corporation is located in Sheridan, Wyoming and can be reached at 1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200 Sheridan, WY 82801. Our employees are always on standby for customer support via email at or through all our social media channels.

Is HeyRecoveryCo  handset effective for treating muscle pain at home?

Our innovative handset works better than traditional massage options like Swedish massage for combating muscle pain. It also out performs other competitor handsets in the market. Our handset is lightweight and portable meaning you can use it at the comfort of your own home. 

Is the Pandemic stopping you from visiting a physiotherapist? No problem, HeyRecoveryCo handset has got you covered. Our handset is ergonomically designed and made easier to handle without straining your wrist. The most effective treatment of pain, 30 mins on the affected muscle area. It is recommended you use it as a injury prevention tool by warming up with it before lifting.

Is  HeyRecoveryCo  handset cost effective for treating muscular pain?

The alternative to using our handset is traditional physiotherapists who will charge you an industry standard of $85 and $200 per session. Our handset costs 229$ and we have a warranty of 1 year. Not only is it cheaper than visiting physiotherapists but more effective than any chiropractor, physical therapist or even massage therapists. This is because the skilled practitioner uses their elbows to put pressure on the muscle knot until it softens and releases. However, the skilled practitioner cannot reach the deep tissues in your muscles that the adhesion hides in. Our innovative handset uses the best active release technique in the market, targeting the affected area to break up scar tissue at a high frequency percussive vibrations which break up the muscle knots and promote blood flow in the deep tissues of your muscles.

Does HeyRecoveryCo handset hurt to use?

No! Our handset is completely painless even when used at the highest speed. The mechanical oscillatory motion provided by our handset soothes any pain that lingers deep in the muscle tissues. Our handset produces ultra low sound noise as well.

Our goal is to be a global bodybuilding recovery brand that disrupts the bodybuilding industry with our latest innovative technologies. We want our customers to never miss a workout because of muscle pains and prevent injuries. We look at bodybuilding with a new lens starting from recovery going backwards. If you want to learn more about HeyRecoveryCo handset please take a look at our product page.